Floatation Therapy is the latest Trend for Babies.

Our Floatation Therapy Baths are perfect to help relax your little one. Here is a complete list of health benefits floatation therapy can do for your baby.

Improves Socialization

Massage and flotation therapy strengthens your baby’s capacity to communicate and enhances feelings of trust and confidence. Our methods encourage the use of all senses, and support feelings of being loved, respected, and valued.

Strengthens Bonding

Skin-to-skin contact during massage does much to strengthen the bond between parent and child. The result for the baby is a happier and healthier development. Temperature, heart and breathing rates have been shown to be more stable with the presence of this simple and natural contact.

Provides Stimulation

Massage and flotation therapy stimulates a baby’s cardiovascular system, as well as the digestive, the hormonal, and the immune systems. Therefore, any pain or discomfort caused by gas, colic, bloating and constipation is relieved. It is also known to reduce muscular tension, growing pains, teething discomfort, and cramping.

Promotes Relaxation & Better Sleep

Infant massaging improves sleeping patterns, and reduces stress hormones. At iFLOAT BABY SPA we not only give massages to babies, we also show parents how to massage the right way and provide them with useful information and professional instructions in order for them to practice the skills at home.

Increases Physical & Cognitive Development

Flotation therapy provides a complete physical work-out, strengthening your baby’s heart and lungs, and aiding in the development of the brain. It’s also proven to increases flexibility and muscle toning.

Boosts Confidence & Enhances Well-Being

Introducing babies to the natural magic of water helps prevent a fear of water developing later on. When baby’s move independently in water, there is a sense of confidence that develops.

Improves Co-ordination

Being immersed in water helps improve your baby’s co-ordination and balance. A study by the Norwegian University of Science & Technology (2009) found that babies who swim have better balance and can grasp objects more easily.

Builds Strength & Develops Learning Skills

Your baby’s buoyancy and water-resistance are encouraged and supported at iFloat Baby Spa. Babies exercise more muscles when submerged in water. Finnish research has shown that swimming babies began crawling a bit later but walking earlier, thanks to excellent muscle control. Responding to repetitive voice commands sharpens a baby’s mental skills and increases their level of understanding. A German study found that swimming babies had advanced motor development, social skills and intelligence.

Give your baby a strong start in life by giving the gift of natural health and development!

Come visit us at iFloat Baby Spa.


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