Pamper your Baby! Canada's first Baby Spa in Montreal.


The first of its kind in all of Canada, iFloat Baby Spa introduces a new philosophy and style of living and interacting for Canadian parents and babies. At iFloat Baby Spa, we guarantee a calming and revitalizing experience for both you and your baby.

Think of how scary it can be to enter a new world you’ve never set foot in before. We’ve all been there, and that is exactly how a baby feels when it comes into this world. Allow your baby to go back and reexperience their dwelling of the not-so-distant past. The presence of water in a baby’s environment can make an important difference in their quality of life and their development.

But iFloat Baby Spa is not only beneficial to your baby. While having a baby can be exciting and challenging, it can also be an immensely stressful new reality. Bringing a new life into the world involves huge changes that you won’t have a lot of control over. Coming out to meet other parents at iFloat Baby Spa can create community and help you learn to give and get each other’s support.

Have no idea how to spend the cold, long, and at times isolating winter months in Montreal? Come see us! Float your baby, float your mind!

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